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METALLWERK FRANZ KLEINKEN GMBH was founded in 1921 and has since been constantly and consistently expanding its competencies with respect to aspects related to the production of castings.

Our success is based primarily on our ability to offer our customers comprehensive advice and services spanning all of the aspects related to the production, including planning, pattern making, manufacture, processing, as well as installation, of our foundry products.
Our motto, ‘FOUNDRY WORK – TO YOUR SPECIFICATIONS’ is a guiding principle that we follow in all of our work and different divisions, with the aim of always exceeding our customer’s expectations.

METALLWERK FRANZ KLEINKEN GMBH employs 160 people at its two works, which are:

Works 1, Westwall 31-33, 46282 Dorsten, Germany

Works 1, which is located just outside Dorsten town centre, is Kleinken Gmbh's original headquarter and is also still home to some of our divisions, such as our non-ferrous metal foundry and mechanical processing division, as well as our administration department, and all of our business divisions.

Works 2, Hervester Straße 42, 46286 Dorsten, Germany

Works 2 was founded in 1949 and is located approx. 8 km from our headquarters, in Dorsten-Wulfen. Our Works 2 contains our iron foundry, our pattern making division and all of our technical departments.

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